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Career Information
Job Title: Area Sales Manager 【I want to apply】
Department: Market Department Number: 3
Workplace: Guangzhou Academic requirements:
Publish Date: 2012/2/17 10:20:14 Deadline: 2012/5/17 10:27:28
Job Requirements:



  1. Supermarket channel: take charge of sales management of products in the supermarket channel in different areas;
  2. Small daily chemical channel: take charge of sales management of products in franchised store and delicate stores channel in different areas;
  3. Professional line channel: take charge of sales management of products in professional channel such as beauty salon in different areas;


  1. College or higher diploma, over 5 years of work experience in above mentioned channel;
  2. Be sophisticated to sales and management flow of related channel;
  3. Be enthusiastic to work, require business trip.


Application Mode:

  • The applicant may visit, search Guangzhou Huanya Cosmetics Technology Co., Ltd., select the desired post and then send the Personal Resume to us online.
  • The applicant may directly send the Personal Resume to,  please list out the Post as the E-Mail subject.
  • The applicant may directly fax the Personal Resume to 020-82086608.
  • The applicant may directly post the Personal Resume to: HR Department, No. 15, Kelin Rd., Science Town of Guangzhou Development Zone.

We will review your Personal Resume and contact you as soon as possible. Since a lot of resumes are received, it is possible for us not to response the unsuitable resumes, thanks for your understanding.